How to Submit

Abstract submission for new and updated abstracts starts on January 25th and ends on February 19th, 2021.

  • If your previously submitted abstract has been accepted, either as an oral or as a poster, its submission remains valid and there is no requirement for further action unless you want to modify or cancel your submission (see instructions below).
  • The number of new acceptances will be limited and the new abstracts should focus on new results obtained in recent months.
  • Each conference participant can be the presenting author of one contribution only.
  • Please note that plenary and invited speakers should also submit an abstract.
  • Presenting authors must register and pay the conference fee.
  • Submitted documents must be in PDF format. Other formats (MsWord, TeX, Postscript, ...) are not acceptable.

To facilitate document preparation, we recommend that the authors use the following templates:

For abstract submission please use the Online Conference System (OCS) provided by Boudewijn van Miligen, CIEMAT, Madrid. Submissions by email or other means are not accepted.

To start your submission, go to OCS, then click on "Call for Contributions". On the next page, click "STEP ONE OF THE SUBMISSION PROCESS". If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in or create an account first. Once logged in, proceed to submit.

Note: to ensure that you will receive the confirmation emails sent by OCS, please verify that the email address of your user profile is correct, under "USER HOME / Edit My Profile".

To modify the title and author list, click the Contribution title and thereafter 'Edit metadata'.

To upload a revised abstract, click 'Review' and use 'Upload author version'.

To cancel an accepted contribution, please send an email to boudewijn.vanmilligen@ciemat.es with the name of the presenter, the title and ID number of the contribution.

Abstract Submission Starts
Abstract Submission Ends

Paper Format

Number of pages 1
Page size A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm)
Page margins 2.5 cm on all 4 sides, gutter 0.0
Fonts Times, Symbol
Font size 14 pt (title), 12 pt (main text), 10 pt (figure captions, references)
Line spacing 1.5 lines (21 pt)
Title of paper Centred alignment, bold font 14 pt
List of authors Centred alignment, normal font 12 pt, presenting author underlined,
e.g. M. First1, N.N. Second2
Author affiliations Centred alignment, italic font 12 pt,
e.g. 1Institute, City, Country
Body text Justified alignment, normal font 12 pt
References 10-point font, 1.5 line spacing
Figure Captions 10-point font
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