Women in Plasma Physics

This year Women in Plasma Physics event will take place as a remote meeting during the lunch break of Tuesday, 22nd of June, from 12:40 to 13:30. After a brief introduction in a joint virtual room (5 min) all attendants will be initially assigned to one of 5 break-out rooms, to allow conversation in smaller groups and facilitate networking. Participants are free to change between the rooms.

Note that the lunch is about women in plasma physics and not restricted to women.

Connection instructions

  1.  Register for the Conference here: https://epsplasma2020.eu/registration/
  2. Once you register you will receive access to the Virtual Conference Platform, OnAir.
  3. In order to join the Women in Plasma Physics event you need to click the "join" button at the time of the session and you will be randomly placed in a small group. You can change groups anytime. 
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