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Time for plenaries, invited and orals is 35, 30 and 15 min respectively, including questions. Note that contingency time (5-10 min) has been added to each presentation, in order to cope with possible connection difficulties. Please click here for detailed information on duration of the talks.

An additional 40 min contingency time has also been added every day at 16:40.

Plenary Session

chair: C. Arnas

09:00 I5.001 - F. Gordillo-Vázquez
Electrical discharges in the clouds and above the clouds: chemical effects in the atmosphere.
09:40 Break

chair: K. Nagasaki


chair: S. Pikuz


chair: D. Farina


chair: K. Issautier

10:00 I5.101 - M. Xu I5.201 - M. Lafon I5.J501 - D. Tskhakaya I5.401 - R. Meyrand
10:40 I5.102 - O. Ford I5.202 - A. Debayle I5.J502 - A. Murari I5.402 - V. Moiseenko
11:20 I5.103 - S. Coda O5.201 - Z. Li O5.J501 - B. Zhang O5.401 - V. Annenkov
11:40 O5.202 - D. Tordeux O5.J502 - L. Martinelli O5.402 - D. Hosking
12:00 O5.101 - Q. Yu I5.203 - L. Volpe O5.J503 - J. Gunn O5.403 - B. Martinez
12:20 O5.102 - M. Reisner O5.J504 - J. Chew O5.404 - M. Touati
12:40 Break
13:30 Poster Session
MCF: P5.1001 - P5.1083
BPIF: P5.2001 - P5.2030
LTDP: P5.3001 - P5.3018
BSAP: P5.4001 - P5.4011

chair: D. Borba


chair: V. Tikhonchuck


chair: E. Viezzer


chair: A. Marcowith

15:20 O5.103 - A. Dudkovskaia O5.203 - J. Vieira O5.J505 - W. Van Uytven O5.405 - I. Kaganovich
15:40 O5.104 - A. Pavone O5.204 - M. Galletti O5.J506 - S. Krasheninnikov O5.406 - F. Fiuza
Plenary Session

chair : T. Klinger

16:00 I5.002 - T. Belmonte
Alloying nanoparticles by discharges in liquids: a quest for metastability.
16:40 Contingency
17:20 Break
17:40 I5.003 - L. Silva
Extreme plasma physics.
18:20 Closing Session
Including Kyushu University Itoh Project Prize and PhD poster prizes

chair: R. Dendy

G. Giruzzi, M. Mantsinen, T. Klinger, E. Westerhof

19:00 End of the Conference
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