Programme - Tuesday

The accepted contributions for the EPS Plasma Physics Conference can be found here:

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Time for plenaries, invited and orals is 35, 30 and 15 min respectively, including questions. Note that contingency time (5-10 min) has been added to each presentation, in order to cope with possible connection difficulties. Please click here for detailed information on duration of the talks.

An additional 40 min contingency time has also been added every day at 16:40.

Plenary Session

chair : A. Di Piazza

09:00 I2.001 - C. H. Keitel
Extremely high-intensity laser interactions: from fundamental quantum systems to quantum plasma simulations and experimental confirmations.
09:40 Break

chair: M. Mantsinen


chair: J. Mlynar


chair: A. Di Piazza


chair: G. Henrion

10:00 I2.101 - M. Kobayashi I2.104 - A. Liu O2.201 - P. Sasorov I2.301 - P. Maguire
10:20 O2.202 - L. Fedeli
10:40 I2.102 - P. Manz I2.105 - A. Melnikov O2.203 - M. Vranic I2.302 - V. Stranak
11:00 O2.204 - A. Sampath
11:20 I2.103 - E. Fable O2.103 - Y. Suzuki I2.201 - A. Yogo O2.301 - Y. Sato
11:40 O2.104 - O. Pan O2.302 - M. Simek
12:00 O2.101 - T. Pütterich O2.105 - K. Verhaegh O2.205 - X. Davoine O2.303 - P. Bilek
12:20 O2.102 - P. Lang O2.106 - C. Theiler O2.206 - D. Gorlova O2.304 - N. Plihon
12:40 Women in Plasma Physics Session
13:30 Poster Session
MCF: P2.1001 - P2.1084
BPIF: P2.2001 - P2.2030
LTDP: P2.3001 - P2.3020
BSAP: P2.4001 - P4.4012

chair : M. Spolaore


chair: K. McClements


chair: P. McKenna


chair: E. Kovacevic

15:20 I2.106 - E. Macusova I2.108 - D. Zarzoso I2.202 - K. Zeil I2.J601 - L. Martínez
16:00 I2.107 - P. Zanca I2.109 - K. Hammond I2.203 - P. Franke I2.J602 - M. Pustylnik
16:40 O2.107 - J. Rivero-Rodriguez O2.109 - M. Garcia-Munoz O2.207 - J. Moreau  O2.J601 - N. Madsen


17:00 O2.108 - R. Jorge O2.110 - F. Laggner O2.208 - R. Fedosejevs O2.J602 - A. Lipaev
17:20 Contingency
18:00 Break
Plenary Session

chair: D. Burgess

18:20 I2.002 - M. Millot
Laser-driven dynamic compression of planetary constituent materials: giant lasers, giant impacts and giant planets.
19:00 Adjourn
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